The two Japanese based automakers Nissan and Toyota have recently announced recalls of the Rogue and Corolla / Sienna models because of the steering and the Bluetooth.

We will start with the Nissan and its Rogue model, which will have to be taken back to the dealer because of some problems with the steering system. According to the car manufacturer, 7.365 units of the 2010, August 17 through 2012, October 30, will be affected by the recall. Nissan says that the Rogue Models may have had the circuit board for the EPS (Electric Power Steering) assist control unit improperly installed from the factory, which might eventually lead to causing the unit and the solder track to fail. Nissan will start notifying 2011 Rogue owners of the problem and the dealers will replace the EPS control unit if necessary free of charge. The recall is expected to start this month and owners of the above mentioned model will have to make a trip back to the dealers.

Toyota has also announced a recall for its Corolla and Sienna models, which will also have to make a trip back to the dealers because of some aftermarket equipment which has been installed incorrectly. According to the manufacturer, the accessories in question are non-Toyota and include Bluetooth hands-free devices, aftermarket navigation for Corolla models and entertainment systems and Bluetooth devices for the Sienna. Toyota says that there is a risk in the trim panel retention clip on the A-pillar which might have been damaged when the wiring was being installed, which could lead to injury of the driver or occupants in a crash. Only 518 vehicles of the two models will be affected by the recall, which is expected to start this month.


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