The Japanese based carmaker Toyota has just announced a recall which will affect its Etios and Liva models in India.

According to the car manufacturer, the Etios sedan and the Liva small car sold in India will have to be driven back to the dealers because of a faulty inlet pipe to fuel tank which has to be replaced. Toyota has announced that 41.000 units of the Etios and the Liva will be affected by this recall and if this is ignored, the filler hose could crack up, leading to fuel leakage when the tank is filled to the brim.

“It is a proactive approach by us. This development is not at all dangerous but as per Toyota’s worldwide policy, we are informing customers that they can come to dealers at their convenient time and replace the pipe: said the THK Deputy Managing Director – Marketing, Sandeep Singh.

The company’s official has also announced that a total of 41.000 units of the Etios and Liva, made until October 8, this year since their launches, will be affected by this recall. The Etios sedan has been priced between Rs 4.96 lakh and Rs 6.86 lakh but this isn’t the first time when Toyota has to announce a recall in India, and in 2008, owners of the Innova had to take a trip back to the dealerships because of a defective part that could lead to oil leakage.


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