Toyota and Lexus have recently issued two separate recalls for the Sienna minivans and for the GS sedans, respectively.

After General Motors has gotten us used to what can even be considered daily recalls, time has come for Toyota to announce one for the Sienna minivans. This is affecting a total of 370, 000 units, from the 2004 to 2011 model years, which have been sold or registered in cold-weather states. The problem is in the spare tire carrier assembly cable which can be splashed by water which has been contaminated with road salt. This can cause corrosion and it may lead to the spare tire separating from the vehicle.

The second recall is affecting the Lexus GT sedans as Toyota’s luxury brand has announced a recall for 10,500 units of the model. The company has spotted a manufacturing defect in the brake pedal load sensing switch and if it malfunctions, Lexus says that it can cause the brakes to activate without the driver pressing the pedal, increasing the risk of a crash. The carmaker is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this problem. Owners of the GS350 sedans will be notified in June.


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