Toyota has issued two separate recalls for several of its models because of a potential wheel locking up and not having the correct B-pillar tire placard indicating the tire size and cold tire inflation recommended pressure.

Usually when hearing about recalls these days we are used to seeing affected vehicles in 6- or 7-figure numbers but every once in a while we get some minor ones, like these two recently announced which are covering, together, just 250 units. According to the Japanese based automaker, the first recall is affecting the 2015 Toyota Yaris, in 230 units, because of the bolts holding the rear axle which may not be tight enough.

“In the involved Yaris vehicles, the rear axle bearing bolts may not have been tightened sufficiently during vehicle assembly. If a bolt is loose and falls off during vehicle operation, the bolt could damage rear brake components, resulting in reduced brake performance or potential wheel lock up, which could increase the risk of a crash”, said the carmaker in its official press release.

The second recall is affecting the 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro pickup trucks because of not having the correct B-pillar tire placard which is indicating the recommended pressure and tire inflation in the front and rear tires. The carmaker says that just 20 units of the above mentioned models will be affected by this recall. Owners of these vehicles will be notified by the company by first class mail and the Toyota dealers will be repairing the vehicles free of charge to the owner. For more details on the subject, you can contact 1 800 331 4331 (Toyota Customer Service).


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