Recall roundup: Volkswagen Beetle in Australia image

Volkswagen has recently issued a recall for the Beetle in Australia because of a potential problem if the vehicle is involved in a rear-end impact accident.

Owners of the Volkswagen Beetle in Australia will not be glad to find out that their rides are the subject of a recall which has been recently announced by the car manufacturer. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), there is a potential problem if the vehicle will be involved in a rear-end impact crash.

“The trailing arm of the rear torsion crank axle can break as a result of damage caused from impact to the vehicle such as a rear-end collision, or impact with the edge of a kerb”, said the ACCC in its official recall notice.

If the trailing arm is broken during an impact, the driver of the car may lose control of the wheel and this will increase the risk of another accident and an injury. The affected Volkswagen Beetle vehicles are from the 2013 model year and the recall is expected to begin soon. The necessary repairs / replacements will be made free of charge to the owners. For any extra details on the subject, you can contact VW’s customer care team at 1-800-607-822.