Recall roundup: Volvo S60 and XC60 in China image

The Swedish based automaker Volvo has recently announced a recall for the S60 sedans and XC60 crossovers in China, because of two problems, with the side airbag wiring and with the fuel pipes.

After Volvo has announced a recall in the United States for the S60, S80, XC60 and XC70 earlier this month, along with another recall for the S60 and XC60 because of a potential fire risk, the two models are being placed into the spotlights once again, after the vehicles have two problems this time, with the side airbag wiring and with the fuel pipes. According to Volvo, 12,798 units of the S60 and XC60 in China will have to be taken back to the dealers.

Volvo says that two problems have been identified, the first one affecting 11,119 S60s and XC60s, and the second one being “found” in 1,679 vehicles. The first problem is with the models’ side airbag wiring, which might not have been properly installed during the manufacturing process and the wiring might become unstable during the seat configuration, eventually detaching itself from the seat. If this happens, the alert will be displayed on the dashboard and if left untreated, the airbags will not deploy in case of a crash.

Vehicles affected by the airbag problem have been made from mid-May to early September, 2011. The second problem, which affects “just” 1,679 units in China, is found in the chassis undercoating, which might contact and rub against the fuel pipe, and if left untreated, this may lead to fuel leaks and eventually a fire under extreme conditions. The recall is expected to begin soon.