Recall roundup – VW and Audi with three issues in the US image

Almost 600,000 vehicles are being recalled by the VW and Audi brands for issues with the coolant pump, the airbags or the seatbelt pre-tensioners – all potentially hazardous.

Audi and Volkswagen have announced three separate recalls for a total of 582,822 vehicles in the United States, with two of the campaigns having to do with the way airbags function during an accident. The biggest of the three recalls has to do with 342,867 autos from the Audi brand, as debris can clog and block the electric coolant pump, cause it to overheat, and potentially catch fire. The campaign involves the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine for the 2013-2017 A5 series, 2013-2017 Q5, 2013-2016 Allroad, 2013-2016 A4 and 2012-2015 A6.

In a separate recall campaign, Audi will also recall 234,054 vehicles of the 2011-2017 Q5 due to a possible rupture in the inflator for the side curtain airbag for protecting occupants’ heads. The issue has to do with the damage to the drainage system for the panoramic sunroof that can let water leak towards the airbag canister and cause corrosion. In addition, both VW and Audi will recall 5,901 vehicles for a separate issue with the airbags or seatbelt pre-tensioners, depending on the model. The parts, supplied by Autoliv, might not meet manufacturing specifications and thus malfunction during a crash.