Recharge your EV wireless image

The Evatran American company has presented its solution for recharging electric vehicles which might be the future: wireless. Why didn’t any thought of that before?

In a world where V12s are an endangered species and everyone is concerned about pollution, car’s CO2 emission and fuel economy, a new recharging system for electric vehicles can only mean one thing: money!

So if we have wireless phones, wireless computers and pretty soon we will probably have a wireless driven car, why wouldn’t we have a wireless recharging system for electric vehicles? After all it only takes half a day to fill one up.

But enough and let’s talk business. Evatran’s technology is ready for mass production and can be fitted on new EV even if these can be found in showrooms or in the dealers’ back yard. According to the manufacturer, the only modification that an electric vehicle will have to “suffer” in order to be recharged wireless is fitting it with a special adapter below its body.

Thanks to this “invention” electric vehicles will be parked on top of the charging system and when the battery will be “filled” the car will go in stand-by mode automatically.

Evatran’s system will be implemented to all electric vehicles and future “green drivers” will be called by dealerships within 24 hours since making an order, being asked if they would like wireless recharging on their EV. Prices for the system are currently unknown but can’t be cheap. EVs aren’t cheap either.