Recognize the fiery supercar? Lamborghini Huracan burnt after Hungary crash image

This is the first registered crash of a Lamborghini Huracan after it entered series production. It’s also the first fiery accident and the first total damage.

We’re sure the guys at Lamborghini and the owner of the car would have preferred all these “firsts” not to happen ever. Well, in the highly rarefied stratosphere of the supercar world such mishaps are unfortunately rather common – with every instances documented and making the rounds across the web.

After the crash, what used to be a brand new striking Verde Mantis (a green paint) Huracan has turned to ashes – you need a couple of minutes to spot a piece that has the original hue on it. The scrap metal was due to a crash occurring on the M7 highway in Hungary and fortunately – according to local media reports – no other car was involved in the accident. For reasons unknown for now, the Huracan’s driver crashed through the security barrier and ended up in the ditch next to the highway.

According to the local sources, the Huracan burst into flames right away and the fire consummated the entire car. Fortunately, both the driver and his female companion managed to escape mostly unharmed, though they were transported to the hospital to receive proper care.