Record car sales for BMW image

BMW AG sales profit jumped 26% in the last three months, more than it was predicted, as China sales boost earnings, together with the new offroad models.

New cars from BMW such as the 4-series coupe and the 2-series compact raised its sales 8.3% to 458.000 cars, a record high. A jump in sales in China and Europe also contributed to BMW’s happy situation. Earnings before interest and tax were forecasted to €2.23 billion in a Reuters poll of analysts, but the actual situation is better – €2.6 billion gained in sales by the German luxury car maker.

Norbert Reithofer, chief executive for BMW, stated that “The BMW Group increase sales volume, revenues and Group earnings in both the second quarter and the six-month reporting periods, continuing the successful development of our business.”

After it delivered a record 1.96 million Mini, Rolls Royce and BMW cars in 2013, Munich-based BMW plans to achieve an even more significant rise in sales this year, aiming at 2 million or more. It also targets a rise in pre-tax profits of up to 10%. Last year, BMW was the top sales carmaker worldwide, leading with 1.65 BMWs sold, leaving Audi in second place with 1.57 million and Daimler in third with 1.47 million Mercedes-Benz vehicles sold.
By Gabriela Florea