Austrian daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner is trying again to beat the record today and jump from “near-space”.

Last Tuesday’s attempt was aborted due to gusty winds. The idea is that the balloon is so delicate that it can take off only if winds on the ground are 2 mph or less.
He will jump tonight and his jump to earth will be live streamed online at 6:00am MDT, being filmed by more than 35 cameras located on the ground, in the air and on Baumgartner’s suit.

Felix is ready to saddle up, and we’re ready to help him get there,” project advisor Joe Kittinger, who holds the current record for a high-altitude parachute jump, wrote on Twitter.

If successful, Felix will break a 52-year-old altitude record by Joe Kittinger, who jumped from 19.5 miles.
The jump implies several risks among which spinning until Baumgartner loses consciousness, or damaging the pressurized suit when jumping from the capsule, which will expose him to the lack of oxygen and temperatures as low as 70 degrees below zero, or even ‘boiling blood’, which means that lethal bubbles are formed in his bodily fluids.



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