Red Bull will alter their pitstop procedure in Monaco to ensure Ferrari cannot copy their strategy, like they did with Fernando Alonso in Spain.

Team boss Christian Horner backed away from Helmut Marko’s allegations of “espionage”, but he does agree that Ferrari was somehow able to emulate the timing of Red Bull’s pitstops.
“We’ve just changed our procedure to be less transparent,” said the Briton in Monaco.

“There were some comments (by Marko) about Ferrari spying on us which I think have been misinterpreted,” said Horner.

“I don’t know whether mechanics were putting their hands in their pockets at the wrong time or somebody was picking a tyre up,” he added, speculating about how Ferrari managed to know about the timing of the stops.

“I think that is probably (the) most likely (explanation), which is absolutely allowed.
Involved in a heated on-track battle, Ferrari were able to cover two of Webber’s four pit stops with Alonso called into the pits at the same time as the Australian.

The speed of Ferrari’s reaction to the Red Bull strategy prompted Marko to suggest the powerful team may have been intercepting radio transmissions.
However, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa said: “For sure, we cannot intercept the communications of other teams.”


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