Red Bull will use KERS in Malaysia and other tracks image

There will be other Grands Prix at which Red Bull does not use KERS this season, Helmut Marko has revealed.

After all the talk about ‘mini-KERS‘, it emerged on Sunday that the reigning champions had actually removed the energy recovery systems from both cars before Sebastian Vettel dominated qualifying and the Australian grand prix.

Horner admitted that the Red Bull KERS system would be causing the team a few more headaches yet.

“We were a bit nervous about discussing it before the race. We used it on Friday and we were unhappy with the reliability. We felt that it could be a potential risk, so we removed it from both cars and didn’t use it for the whole of Saturday and Sunday,” said Horner, explaining the secrecy surrounding the hybrid system.

“I guess that we will use it (KERS) at tracks that have a long straight,” Red Bull motor sport boss Marko said on German television RTL.

One of these tracks is Malaysia, next week.
The reigning champions did not have the energy-recovery system fitted to their RB7 cars in Melbourne as Sebastian Vettel strolled to pole position and the win.

But team boss Christian Horner said: “We will run KERS in Malaysia.

“It was a very marginal decision not to run it (in Australia),” he told the Guardian. “In Malaysia there is a long run to the first turn and we are keen to get it on the car there.”

Championship leader Vettel, however, has mixed thoughts. He told Bild newspaper that KERS is a “fundamental tool” this year that is worth “three to five tenths per lap”.

“We’re working on having it on the car,” he added.

But in Auto Motor und Sport, the 23-year-old is quoted as saying: “It’s expensive, complicated and not green.”

Vettel flew to Bali for a holiday after winning on Sunday.