Red Chrome Smart Roadster spotted in Russia image

A Smart Roadster wrapped around in red chrome has been recently spotted in Russia, where the model has been modified by a company named Re-Styling.

The Smart Roadster was one hot ride to own once it made its way onto the market a few years ago and, considering its low price, rear-wheel drive, light body and the sun over your head, along with the low price, the model was a success and we can still see it on the roads. But from being successful until chroming one it’s a big step and where else could have this happened than in Russia.

A chromed Smart Roadster may sound like a bad thing and, usually, any chromed vehicle denotes bad taste, but the Russian company which modified the model, Re-Styling, has done a good job and it managed to cover the plastic parts of the car like the headlight surrounds and front grille. Silver chrome has also been used on the safety cell of the vehicle. Unfortunately more details on the red chrome Smart Roadster are unknown for the moment, but if you know more about this car, feel free to share.