Refreshed Kia Sorento aims for sales increase image

The recently unveiled Kia 000 units in 2015.

The South Korean automaker is mulling for a definite increase in the sport-utility vehicle’s deliveries, after the outgoing model managed a negative performance last year, totaling just 105,649 cars – down 12% from 2012. Also, in the first seven months of the year, in the US, it further slid 4% to 60,670 units. According to the company, the new 2015 Sorento should reach 50,000 units in its home market next year, with 220,000 autos sold overseas.

According to Kia, the refresh brings “a lower roofline, higher beltline, more muscular stance, rounded shoulders at the rear and deeply sculpted body surfaces.”

The midlife updates pits the large SUV in line with the other recent models from the company, after the Sorento has been given the first important makeover in more than five years on the market. The design was penned at Kia’s studios from Korea, Germany and the United States.

Sorento competes on the market mostly with Japanese models, such as the Nissan X-Trail and Mitsubishi Pathfinder and will reach dealer showrooms in the United States, Europe and other overseas markets sometimes in the first part of 2015.

Via Automotive News Europe