Refreshed Peugeot 3008 spied in China with less camouflage image

The French model, a quirky cross between a crossover and a minivan, is quickly heading towards the introduction of the second generation model, which may even occur as quick as later this month during the Beijing Auto Show.

Prototypes undergoing testing procedures have been seen so far in Germany and in the cold climate of Sweden – all of them wearing heavy disguise to conceal every styling trait. Now spy photographers in China have caught the 3008 wearing less camouflage – and we can see the Peugeot is going to war a fancy new radiator grille and strikingly sculpted headlights. The design seems ready to take cues from the latest crop of concept cars from the brand but it also looks ready to adopt the evolutionary path to recall the first generation. Aside from these shots of the exterior we also noticed on the Internet some photos that depict the interior, meaning the automaker is also prepping the press package.

While the exterior of the 3008 ties in with the previous generation, the interior skips the evolutionary approach – the steering is adopting the shape of an octagon, there’s a digital speedometer, the dashboard has a quirky shape and aluminum is banding the styling together. Last, but not least, the gearshift knob has a very interesting form, but we’ll reserve further judgment to the moment when we get to see it in the metal. Based on the modular platform that underpins the 308 hatchback, the 3008 is expected to wear familiar powertrains, with all wheel drive as an optional extra.