Regenerative braking available at the tip of the paddle in 2017 Chevrolet Bolt image

Chevrolet tells us there are numerous tricks as to having a longer ride in the new 2017 Bolt electric vehicle – such as one-pedal driving via regenerative braking lifting range by 5 percent.

Usually paddles mounted on or behind the steering wheel are used to actuate the controls of an auto gearbox – enhancing the high-performance credentials of the vehicle. But the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt electric car will have a different use for the paddle – the driver will engage regenerative braking, or even go for a completely different mode that allows them to use a single pedal when driving.

The same as in the Chvey Volt plug in hybrid, the paddle activates the Regen on Demand function – drivers can hold the paddle and the car’s regenerative braking system kicks in, slowing the car without touching the brakes but in turn replenishing the batteries. For even more aggressive regeneration, the driver can put the transmission in Low and then use the paddle – the car will move through stop-and-go traffic without even using the brake pedal. Chevrolet touts this as a fun way to drive the Bolt – a first for something that actually slows the vehicle. More importantly, this feature has a positive impact on the range – which could improve by as much as 5 percent – with the Bolt estimated to pass the 200 miles (321 km) mark.