Sep.11 (GMM/ Regional president Roberto Maroni has once again called on Ferrari to step in to help save the endangered Italian grand prix.

Maroni, the head of the Lombardy region, has said previously that he would like Ferrari to threaten to quit formula one over the uncertainty surrounding the future of the historic Monza race.

The threat has not been forthcoming, but the recent race weekend at the fabled Autodromo Nazionale was characterised by F1 drivers verbally backing the campaign to save Monza, and also signing a petition.

“I greatly appreciate the words of the drivers to defend the grand prix,” Maroni said at the launch of the Italian open golf tournament in Milan.

“I think if Ferrari also did more for Monza it would do no harm,” he was quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

For now, hard negotiations with Ecclestone will go on.

“I told Ecclestone that he is a tough guy and he just laughed, but so am I,” Maroni continued. “We clarified our positions and at least cleared up what I feared, namely that he had already decided to move on without Monza.

“We will meet again between November and December and we will sign. The missing money? With some sponsors or the government, we will find it,” he insisted.