Relief to LEAF owners: Nissan testing EV rescue truck image

A number of reasons divert consumer’s mind from electric-cars to others. Electric cars seem good, but once people start driving them on road, they find the actual problems which are not only embarrassing but also time consuming.

The LEAF is world’s first mass electric-car which is produced by Nissan. However, here it seems like an owner is stuck on the road due to some errors in his vehicle. Simply In Japan, a driver got stuck on the road since his LEAF needed to be charged up.  In order to eradicate such situations, Nissan has introduced an EV rescue vehicle that could recharge the stranded LEAF. It’s a truck that is equipped with a charging system for the electric-cars and helps the drivers to juice up their vehicles.

Nissan has stated that the rescue truck is being deployed to build confidence in EV use. Well building this truck has a purpose. Since charging infrastructure is still in the development phase in Japan people somehow cannot deal with this issue regularly. However, Nissan is barely thinking about expanding this service beyond that region. The vice president of external and governmental affairs in Nissan Hitoshi Kawaguchi has also stated that the EVs has gained wider consumer acceptance and so it has become important to create a roadside assistance system to help motorists who drive EVs and run out of battery power.

LEAF receives power from a 107 horsepower electric motor getting power from lithium-ion cells. Up to 100 miles the car runs if charged fully and provides a top speed of 90 mph. The battery takes 8 hours to get charged from a standard 200V outlet. The 2011 Nissan LEAF will be available at $32,780 including federal tax-credit prices. Excluding that, this car will be available below $25,280. It will also be available for lease with a payment of $349 each month.

By Sunita Mandal