Religious man donates to church Holy Grail of car aficionado collection image

A man from Minnesota who died this past year decided his entire collection of cars – encompassing more than 30,000 vehicles – should go to the church.

Of course the 30,000+ vehicles collection included numerous model cars, and what’s amazing is that every auto that lined every square inch of his house was actually meticulously recorded and accounted for. Dennis Erickson, who was an usher at Celebration Church, surely has the holy Grail of toy and car collectors, but sadly he died in his sleep back in March, and when members of the church visited his home, they found model cars virtually everywhere. From kitchen to laundry room, it there was space, there would be cars there.

According to local news, the garage showed there were also real vehicles in Erickson’s collection, including a 1959 Edsel Villager, a 1966 Rambler, and a 1977 Bonneville that was signed over to Glen Lindale, a road trip buddy. The collection is now considered for sale and said to fetch well into the six digits – and it’s also being considered one of the biggest in the entire world. Amazingly, Erickson kept meticulous records of every car he owned and even wrote how certain cars (even the toy models) had to be properly maintained.

Via Barnfinds, KARE 11 News