Remember Linkin Park? They recently had to do with a Mercedes racer’s livery… image

Rock band Linkin Park seems to have slipped out of fashion these days, so no wonder they have time for such side projects as designing the livery of a Mercedes race car.

This is nostalgia taken to a whole new level – the name of the band that was utterly famous about a decade and a half ago – is now adorning the rear wing of a Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car. This is courtesy of California-based Linkin Park’s design for one of the German endurance racing teams. We’re talking about Team Black Falcon – which had to do with the rock band in some way. The end result is not at all bad and we’re wondering if the pit crew will be airing some of Linkin Park’s music over the radio to the pilot when he needs some support…

Remember Linkin Park They recently had to do with a Mercedes racer’s livery… 0

Anyways, the AMG GT3 was a cool car from the get go, so we don’t mind the addition of the black lightning bolts, thick red stripes, and the band’s logo/shield draped over the silver hue of the vehicle. If you’re looking to see nostalgia hits – we can also tell you we remember Linkin Park doing the soundtrack for a commercial for the Mercedes-AMG C63 in 2015. The newly minted racer will be seen in the upcoming Spa 24 Hours in Belgium happening during the final weekend of July. Team Black Falcon and Mercedes-AMG are by the way the ones having finished 1-2-3-4 at the Nürburgring 24-hour earlier this racing season.