Remember Real Steel – the International Harvester is now on sale image

Do you remember this flick? It was a coming of age story that involved robots, boxing and a lost father / son relationship with the great redemption theme. And it also had Wolverine – Hugh Jackman, sorry – in it.

We’re usually focusing on supercar and sports car move cars here – things like what Vin Diesel used in the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. But we’re willing to change the pace for once with this 1960 International Harvester Sightliner that was used in the 2011 movie Real Steel. It’s exactly the same rig as the one used in the movie and it can be nabbed off 100 (it’s an ongoing bid, so this was the price when we wrote the piece). The truck is not original, because it features a modern turbodiesel six-cylinder engine, modern brakes and up to date suspension components – they needed all those because it was the single unit and they needed it in working condition all time.

Remember Real Steel – the International Harvester is now on sale 9

The cabin also had some new additions switches – functional and non-functional – cut from billet, or a knob in the center console with controls for the hydraulic lift ramp. The two extra windshields were also a late addition – the ones at the feet of the driver – complete with their own wipers. The back has the coolest things though – bed, overhead storage, work bench, and other details remain the same form the film.