The French based automaker Renault has recently announced that a low-cost vehicle worth 3, 000 EUR will be developed for emerging markets.

While the company’s officials have announced not too long ago that Renault will move up market in order to battle with the Germans in all segments, leaving the entry-level versions to its Dacia sub-brand, the automaker didn’t give up on developing new low-cost models and such a vehicle will soon hit the market. According to Renault’s president, Carlos Ghosn, the car manufacturer will make a new low-cost model for emerging markets, which will have a starting price of 3,000 euros. The announcement has been made during the opening of the company’s new Morocco facility.

The French journalists from La Tribune are saying that Carlos Ghosn has talked in private about launching a new 3,000 euros low-cost model, so this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Renault yet. The future vehicle will be sold in emerging markets like India, South America and Africa and there is no word on bringing it to Europe yet because of high safety regulations. The new low-cost model to wear the Renault logo on it won’t be launched until 2016.


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