The classic Renault 5 is getting ready to receive a spiritual successor which will be positioned alongside the Clio, as a recent report is indicating.

In case you have been missing out on the Renault 5, don’t worry, because the French based automaker is believed to be working on a spiritual successor for the classic small car. According to a recent report published by the guys from Auto Express, the model in question should be based on the unreleased Value Up Concept and it should be coming with a design which will remind us of the dead and buried one, but with a more modern twist.

Our source is also stating that the new Renault 5 will be positioned alongside the Clio and it will be riding on the company’s A-entry platform, which basically means that it will be powered by small engines. This is translated into a reduced manufacturing cost and the carmaker will be focusing on spending more money on a high-tech interior, which should be coming with two 7-inch LCD screens, one of them which will be replacing the instrument cluster and the other one positioned on the left of the steering wheel.

Besides these, the model will also get two 15.9-inch LCD touch screen displays, fitted to the dashboard side by side, along with a tablet from where the driver can control just about every function of the car. The weight of the new Renault 5 should stand at 830 kg and it should be coming with a 1.0 liter engine under its hood, but a plug-in hybrid variant is also expected. If it will be finally approved, than the model will still be a few years from hitting the production line.


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