Back in the day when hot hatchbacks were able to snatch the “widowmaker” moniker from older Porsche 911 Turbos, the Renault 5 Turbo II was among the hottest models in the segment.

Arguably, the Renautl 5 Turbo is one of the hottest hot hatchbacks of all time, so getting one in the enhanced Turbo II form might be a dream for many. The series was revealed back in 1983 as a lighter, more focused version of the Turbo that was tossed onto the scene just three years prior. Vice President of Production, Jean Terramorsi, modeled the 5 Turbo II after the success of the Lancia Stratos and just like with the Italian model the engine and power were relegated to the rear. A mere 158 horsepower (117 kilowatts) were coming out of the 1.4-liter inline four – about the power you get in a modern diesel hatchback – but with a five-speed manual gearbox and race-tuned suspension the driving bonanza was near heaven.


Only 5000 units of the 5 Turbo series were ever made – of which 3,200 were Turbo IIs. This particular unit also gets the perk of coming out of a time capsule – with just 5,900 kilometers (3,666 miles) driven since coming out of the factory. Heading to auction in Paris on RM Sotheby’s lot in February, the model comes with everything original – save for the aftermarket black leather seats.


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