Renault Alaskan Concept previews a pickup truck image

The international version of the Duster Oroch has been renamed into the Alaskan Concept and it has been officially unveiled by the French based automaker.

The pickup segment is growing as most carmakers are getting ready to offer their very own vehicle into it. Renault is making no exception from this rule with its Alaskan Concept, which has been officially unveiled over the web at this point. The model in question is serving as a preview for an international version of the Duster Oroch, which is currently available in Latin America, exclusively.

The vehicle’s availability is expected to be expanded sometimes next year when the final production version of this particular model will be introduced. The Renault Alaskan Concept is looking more exciting than the Oroch and it has the full LED technology for the headlights and taillights, riding on 21-inch wheels. The model has been equipped with a camera mounted in the door mirror housings and it has a load bed large enough to accommodate camping gear, mountain bikes, surfboards or other things.

The Renault Alaskan Concept has a satin-effect brushed paint combined with polished metal accents, blue and yellow detailing for the side mirrors, wheel rim centers, brake calipers and front tow hood. Under its hood, a four-cylinder longitudinally mounted twin turbo diesel engine, sourced from the Master range, will be providing its power. The vehicle will be offered in several body style and it will provide a maximum payload of 1,000 kg. Its final production version is expected to be offered for sale in the first half of 2016.