Renault Alpine brand could go to Paris Motor Show image

The French based automaker Renault is planning to revive its Alpine brand and a follow-up of the iconic Alpine A110 might debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

The fact that Renault is seriously thinking into reviving the Alpine brand isn’t that new and we’ve talked about this in late 2011. But this recent news is coming from the guys at who are saying that the car manufacturer might reveal a follow-up of the Renault Alpine A110 at the in September.

“These things live by the grace of the day. In my view, the best thing for a designer is always to have something cooking in the corner. Then when the planets line up, you have something ready. Is there room in today’s car market to build something that could be compared to a Porsche? In any case, for an Alpine to make sense financially, it would have to sell in North America and China”, as the company’s design chief, Laurens van den Acker, told

In our previous reports we were saying that the new Alpine models, if they will hit the production line, won’t be as aggressive as their predecessors but they will try to become iconic with prestige and elegance, something similar to the Citroen DS lineup. Revival of the Alpine A110 might also mean the revival of the Alpine brand, and to answer the Renault official, yes, there is room on the market for these models.