Two images with the production version of the upcoming Renault Alpine Celebration Concept have just hit the web and they are showing us quite an interesting model.

Do you remember the even so, we have to tell you that the French based automaker is planning to introduce a production version of it and chances are it will be looking very similar to the vehicle pictured below. Keep in mind that these images are nothing more than simple renderings, which have been put together by RMDesign.

From the start we can see that the vehicle has dropped its stickers from the headlights and from the body and also got rid of its two-tone paintjob, sitting with that appealing blue shade on it. Conventional alloy wheels have been also added to the car, along with the production-ready door handles and side mirrors, along with several other tweaks. The result is quite impressive and don’t act too surprised if Renault will decide to pull the wraps off a similar looking vehicle. The Celebration Concept is considered to be the successor of the A110-50 Concept, which has been introduced back in 2012, and it is also a reminder of the A110 and A310 from the 1970s. Chances are the production version of the car, which is believed to be called the AS1 (Alpine Sport 1), will be introduced sometimes next year, probably during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, in March. No performance specifications on the concept have been introduced at this time.


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