Renault bets on new electric motor to lower losses of electric vehicles image

The French automaker has been, together with its alliance partner Nissan, an ardent proponent of electrification, but its visions for the sector have not come to fruition, bringing losses.

According to Vincent Carre, the automaker’s chief of sales and marketing for the green models, the French carmaker will incur smaller losses as the company starts offering a new version of its subcompact EV – Zoe – that uses a new motor developed in-house. Zoe is Renault’s top-selling electric vehicle and has been developed as a standalone model, unlike other electric offerings in its lineup that are based on existing internal combustion engine models. The company has now started sales of the variant that is powered by an internally developed motor, replacing the one supplied by Continental. Thanks to the new motor and an optimized battery, Zoe’s range has been increased by 30 km to a total of 240km (149 miles).

The new motor, internally assigned as the R240 is less expensive to produce than Continental’s Q210, aid the executive during an event at the company engine facility that manufactures the new unit. Market researcher JATO Dynamics data shows Renault delivered 4,653 Zoes in Europe after four months, jumping sales by 153 percent. In 2014 total sales across the continent reached 11,005 units. The official also forecasted the new motor and its increased range would help Zoe further jump 50 percent in sales next year compared to the tally at the end of this year. At home in France, Zoe sales have also been supported by a new 10,000-euro bonus offered by the French government that is being offered to buyers that previously owned a diesel car that was 13 years old or more.

Via Automotive News Europe