Renault blamed for unrealistic emission levels on its Espace minivan image

A German green group says that Renault’s Espace minivan is polluting 25 times legal limits. The study has not been verified, but who can argue with that after all the uproar started by VW.

Pandora’s box has been thrown wide open by Volkswagen and all the evil in the automotive world came up running. Now its Renault’s turn to be under scrutiny, as the Espace minivan model supposedly released toxic diesel emissions 25 times over legal limits according to a Swiss study, despite allegedly complying with EU tests, a German green group said on Tuesday. The test, which has not been independently verified, was requested by the green lobby group DUH and commissioned from the University of Applied Sciences in Bern. It is not DUH’s first test directed to a carmaker, the green group stating earlier that General Motors’ Opel brand is responsible for high NOx emissions outside the regulator’s lab.

According to the report, when the engine reaches its normal running temperature, the 1.6-litre Espace unit with the latest Euro 6 diesel generation emits up to 2.06 grams of NOx per kilometer. This would mean more than 25 times the European Union limit. The model falls within the legal 80 milligram cap only with a cold engine after “specific pre-conditioning”. Renault did not respond to these claims.

The DUH test is not to be ignored and it should have credibility, as the report was published in cooperation with the US International Council on Clean Transportation, the same independent nonprofit organization which initiated the original investigation that triggered VW’s scandal. “It’s unbelievable that so-called modern diesel vehicles that damage the air we breathe in this way are on the road today,” ICCT co-founder Axel Friedrich said in a statement.

Via Reuters