Renault Boss Wants Bigger Government Discounts for EVs image

Renault says that pure EVs should get greater Government discounts than hybrids.

Currently, any EV with a range of 70 miles on a single charge is eligible for a £5, 000 subsidy, and hybrids with CO2 emissions of 75g/km or less and which reach 10 miles on electric power are also included in this scheme.

“We are happy to have support for clean vehicles. It helps the industry. So yes, we are happy with the support we receive from the Government. But I would be even happier if it was strictly proportional to the emissions, which means if it is zero it should not be the same as 50, 60 or 100g/km,“ said CEO Carlos Tavares.

Renault’s EVs aren’t so appreciated in their segments no matter what the company is doing and now the carmaker is blaming the slow electric vehicle sales on bad marketing. Earlier this month the French automaker said it considers manufacturing electric cars in China, part of the $1.2 billion JV which will offer the automaker increased access to the biggest auto market in the world.

“It was for us a competitive advantage and very nice coincidence that the Chinese authorities request that we bring EV technology to the JV we have with Dongfeng,” Mr. Tavares said.