Renault committed to upscale move image

According to Dominique Thormann, the carmaker’s Chief Financial Officer, the French automaker is going ahead as planned with the future introduction of premium-segment offerings under the new Initiale Paris badge.

Reports from analysts and forecasters say that the brand’s first Initiale Paris production model could be based on the crossover concept shown in Frankfurt in 2013 and could be revealed as soon as this year’s Paris auto show in October.

Renault intends the Initiale Paris offerings to attract more affluent buyers that search for premium offerings but consider the trio of German players – BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz too expensive.

“Initiale Paris it not a stop and go approach,” Thormann said. “We’ve been rebuilding a more premium feel in a certain number of limited vehicles, approaching it on technologies and in segments that we control and can understand. You’ll get a good example of that in the Paris show in October.”

After the company introduces at the far corner of the line-up the Twingo this fall, Thormann added the automaker would then focus on renewing its offerings in the bigger segments, where Renault has been rather absent – with Laguna and the Latitude not very successful. According to the CFO in 2015 and 2016 the automaker would launch large cars that were designed to focus on the Chinese market and also come as more upscale than previous models.

Via Automotive News Europe