Renault confident EVs will overcome challenges image

Beatrice Foucher, who leads the French automakers electric vehicle program remains confident of the unit she’s leading, even though according to analyst Inovev, Renault only built 11,130 Zoe electric cars in 2013.

The vehicle, especially developed from scratch to appeal to mass-market consumers, much in the way it does the alliance partner Nissan with its full electric Leaf, has yet a long way to reach the originally predicted 50,000 units per year production volume.

“We hope that a lot progress will be made by 2015 because there will be more plug-in hybrid electric cars entering the market by then. They can also be charged at electric charging stations. Eventually, the lack of publicly available charging stations will no longer be an issue. EVs are relatively new, so things that impede their growth need to be resolved,” comments Foucher.

She also estimates that although customers – who mostly charge their electric vehicle at home or work, need the public charging infrastructure as a reassurance, many countries are moving to add the necessary infrastructure, albeit some faster than others – like is the case with Norway. Also, EU aids will help speed the development of the network, while some of the countries also rely on partnerships with the public sector.

Via Automotive News Europe