Renault denies need for software update image

The French automaker rejects the alleged news about offering voluntary emissions-system updates for about 700, 000 vehicles starting this summer.

In a brief statement, Renault has confirmed that a recall campaign is already in progress for approximately 15,000 cars powered by the dCi 110-horsepower engine and the purpose of the callback is to recalibrate the engine’s control unit. The issue has been identified, resolved and put in production in September 2015, the French automaker said. In addition, Renault has firmly denied having mentioned that 700,000 cars were in need of a software update. “Indeed, all Renault vehicles are fully compliant with current regulations. As stated in December 2015, on top of meeting applicable Euro6 standards, Renault intends to be able to propose an improved NOx emission system to customers,” it was added in the statement.

The recall was forced by an issue over the filter systems that are activated only in temperatures between 17 degrees and 35 degrees Celsius. “More than 15,000 vehicles have to be checked and correctly adjusted so the filtration system works even when it is very hot or when it is below 17 degrees, because that’s when it no longer worked,” Energy Minister Segolene Royal said in an interview on RTL radio on Tuesday. “We agree that our position is not satisfactory,” Renault Chief Competitive Officer Thierry Bollore stated. “We are the first ones to admit that we have room for improvement.”