In its latest marketing trick in the UK’s capital to promote its Twingo city-car, Renault offers free test drives to Londoners these days.

If you happen to drive through London’s central area these days, you might notice there are quite a lot of Twingos buzzing around. Renault has come up with a marketing plan to promote its small city model and it is offering Londoners a free on-the-spot test drive or free passenger ride. Therefore, between Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd, and in partnership with Hertz, the French carmaker is releasing a fleet of 70 Twingos around the capital’s central landmarks for those who are interested in the car.

Furthermore, those who take this challenge on Wednesday 20th will also have the opportunity to win tickets to a secret gig, hosted by the Spotify music streaming service, which will take place on Thursday evening. The winners will be notified early on the day of the concert and will evidently receive a lift to the secret venue in one of the Twingos, while “the well-known artist” will be announced later today.

In UK, the five doors Twingo is priced from 9,495 pounds (13,675 dollars) and it comes with a choice of two petrol engines – the SCe 70 hp and the turbocharged TCe 90 hp Stop & Start. All versions feature a five-speed manual gearbox, while a six-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission is also available on models with the TCe 90 unit.


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