Renault design chief wants the French brand to be a global affair image

One man – Dutch-born styling chief Laurens van den Acker – coordinates Renault’s fresh new design. He says that today designers have more power than ever in the executive process at automakers.

When choosing a car, many people forget that its primary utility is to get everyone safe from point A to point B. So, over the years, design has come to become one of the major factors when choosing a car. After all, for many it doesn’t matter they have the most efficient or spacious car, as long as it’s dead ugly.

So, van den Acker thinks these clients need to be hooked on the French automaker’s new design language he’s been panning. “If they don’t seduce we’re dead,” says the design boss, adding that he wants all the brand’s cars to spark emotion within buyers. He says the French romantic spirit needs to be translated to the Renault cars, combining traits found in German and Italian cars with French DNA. His perfect recipe: German quality with Latin flavor, to be delivered in all the new products – from the small Clio to the recently revealed Espace.

To achieve that, in his five years with Renault, van den Acker has fought to create a new design master plan, called the “Cycle of Life” – every new customer that enters a dealer showroom should find his perfect car – with sport models for those who fall in love, crossovers for the world explorers, minivans for the family guy and hybrids and electrics for the eco conscious.

Via Automotive News Europe