Renault Duster RxZ Plus introduced in India image

The French based automaker Renault has recently introduced a new special edition of the Duster in India, named the RxZ Plus, which is adding some interesting features to the SUV.

With the Renault / Dacia Duster being available for order for quite a few years and a facelifted version being tested, or with Nissan creating its very own version of the low-cost SUV, the carmaker has decided to place the model into the spotlights once again, this time with the help of a new special edition, introduced on the Indian auto market. According to the car manufacturer, the model in question has been named the Renault Duster RxZ Plus.

The brand new Renault Duster special edition is coming with top end features and it also has a rear air conditioning unit, which might make its way onto the facelifted version too, but this has a flaw, there isn’t much space left for the second row middle passenger. The Duster RxZ Plus diesel is now available for order from 12.13 lakh, Rs 5,000 less expensive than the Duster RxZ Option Pack trim, which is adding the satellite navigation system and leather seats. Should Dacia / Renault implement such an air-con unit for the rear passengers in the facelifted Duster?