Renault Duster with automatic transmission and AWD confirmed for Russia image

Renault has recently announced its plans to introduce an automatic transmission version of the all-wheel drive Duster in Russia in early 2014.

With the facelifted version of the Dacia Duster being officially unveiled almost two months ago, during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault is currently trying to update the entire Duster lineup on all other markets outside Europe. One of these markets is Russia where the popular low-cost SUV is getting ready to receive an automatic transmission on the all-wheel drive version. According to the car manufacturer, this variant of the Renault Duster will make its way onto the market early next year.

The best part about this announcement is that the Renault Duster will also receive the new automatic transmission on the two-wheel drive variants too, along with the AWD ones, but don’t expect a 6- or 7-speed gearbox because it will come with only four speeds. The Russian Renault Duster is currently being offered with three engines, the 1.6 liter petrol, the 2.0 liter petrol and the 1.5 liter diesel and in eight color options. More details on the automatic transmission aimed towards the model in Russia are limited for the moment and will probably be announced close to its launch.

  • Amol Salunke

    When is Renault Duster Diesel Automatic being
    Planned for launch… Please LAUNCH soon…
    We are waiting.. And are excited about this NEWS…Renault should launch
    Duster Diesel Automatic in September ahead of Festive season, to cash on… There is immense interest in Automatic and
    Hyundai Creta has reported over 30% bookings of Automatic version and they have
    made changes in their production plans accordingly, infact they were much
    surprised by the automatic requirement, having expected only 10% of the total
    bookings.. It means of the 15000 bookings Hyundai Creta has received 4500
    bookings are for Automatic itself, which is a significant number and completely
    new opportunity …….