Japanese automakers have long had a reputation for quality and reliability, which is no surprise for us to see Renault asking its alliance partner Nissan to support its drive to raise quality.

The French automaker has been hard at work in recent years to lift the quality standards on its cars after criticism arose from both customers and industry observers. The carmaker has now benchmarked Toyota as the standard and tapped the knowledge acquired from working with its Japanese partner Nissan. According to former Renault quality chief Philippe Prevel, the control strategy spans across the different brands of the French carmaker – including the affordable Dacia and Russian Lada. The executive points out that by using traditional standards, Renault would rank good, but they also take into consideration feedback from customer satisfaction – which sets them among the average only. The latter also tend to judge features that are not actual flaws, though they rank as annoyances reported by customers: car colors, seat configurations and the different market expectations from one region to the next.

Renault first started benchmarking Toyota as the standard to live up to the 1990s and the process has evolved now to encompass regularly updated standards across all of the alliance’s production system. As far as the affordable brands are concerned, the company is enacting a step-by-step process which involves updating the quality starting with the existing models. For example the first Dacia car (first generation Logan) was very much a trial model for the manufacturing process and the same thing happens now at Russia’s AvtoVAZ with the Lada brand.

Via Automotive News Europe


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