Renault Expected to Announce High-End Models image

Renault is expected to make announcement regarding high-end models.

“A certain number of decisions are about to be announced by Renault in the upmarket segment. They are going to create, I believe, four upmarket models because they’ve decided to go and fight,” said French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg.

The company’s spokesman refused to comment Montebourg’s declarations, but said that the only announcement the car maker has to make regarding the upmarket vehicles is related to the next generation of Espace from 2014.

“In the very short term, the major steps are the Clio 4 and the Zoe,” the spokesman said.

The fourth generation Clio is a five-door car, a ‘faux- coupe’ how the company calls it, as it looks like a sportier three-door. Its design was created by Renault’s style chief Laurens van den Acker, who was hired 3 years ago from Mazda.

Renault Zoe is an all-electric conventional five-door supermini, with a futuristic and appealing design. The entry-level model would cost only £13,650, so it is affordable too. Renault started to get pre-orders for the Zoe in March and said it expects the model to outsell the Nissan Leaf in Europe. The Zoe will go on sales by the end of this year.