Renault and the Central Saint Martins art college from London – the same venue where Jaguar Land Rover held its first Tech Fest – have recently partnered for a competition that allowed students to propose their visions for the car of the future.

The winning proposition is decidedly from the future – and unlike any normal car anyone would imagine, and this is probably why we’re not students of industrial design. Anyways, 23-year-old Yuchen Cai was the MA Industrial Design student that delivered the winning entry – called Float. The designer imagined a levitating sphere that makes use of Maglev technology, one that’s also capable of magnetically attaching to other units to deliver a growing vehicle. The prize for the future designer was two weeks at Renault’s design studio in Paris – during which she got to refine her idea.

Renault Float is the winning design for a possible car of the future 0

Float’s name is of course self-explanatory – Maglev technology allows the vehicle to levitate close but without actually making any contact with the road surface. A regular, individual pod would have room for up to two people, but a magnetic belt around the center section is used to link multiple units – of course all is done via a smartphone app, including the task of hailing this autonomous means of transportation. The other finalists were Flo – delivered by Stephanie Chang Liu – as well as Vue by Tuna Yenici.


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