The French based automaker Renault has recently announced its plans to withdraw the Fluence and Latitude models from Germany because of the weak sales.

The European auto market is going through some hard times and between automakers closing factories and dropping the development of new models, slow selling vehicles are being withdrawn from several markets. The latest example of a car manufacturer which is pulling out two of its models from an auto market, Germany in this case, is Renault, and the vehicles in question are the Latitude and the Fluence. The decision has been taken because of the models’ slow sales and weak demand.

Even if the Renault Fluence has recently received a facelift, the model still isn’t gaining new customers in Germany and since January, just 115 units of the Fluence have been sold there. This is a weak figure considering the fact that Renault is currently selling 100,000 cars annually in Germany. Besides the Fluence, the Renault Latitude will also leave the German auto market because of the same reason as its brother. Only 107 units of the Latitude have found new owners in Germany since the beginning of the year.



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