Renault Group sales RESULTS for October image

The Renault group sold 188,116 vehicles (PC + LCV) worldwide in October 2008 under its three
brands, Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors. This figure was down 14.1% on October 2007.
Worldwide, Renault brand sales fell 16.9%, Dacia sales grew 20.2%, and Renault Samsung Motors
reported a 27.7% decrease.

In the Europe Region, Group sales fell 16% in October, in line with the market decrease of 15%.
Sales were resilient in Germany, down 7.7% in a market that lost 8.8%, and the Group increased its
market share by 0.1 point. Renault group sales were down in Spain, Italy and the UK, where the
markets fell considerably. In contrast, the Group continued to increase market share in Ireland
(+2.6%), the Netherlands (+0.4%), Belgium (+0.4%), Austria (+1.6%) and Switzerland (+1.6%).

In the Americas Region, where the market was down 12.1% in October, the Group held up well, with sales off 9%. In Brazil, where the market lost 3%, Group sales rose 24.9% for a 0.9-point increase in market share, on the strength of a rich and market-responsive product line-up. The Group sold nearly3,000 Sanderos in October. In Argentina, a market that contracted 4.5%, sales fell 3.2%, for a 0.1-point gain in market share.

In the Euromed Region, where the market lost 5.7% in October, Renault group sales fell 13.7%.
Group sales in Romania decreased 29.9%, in step with the market, down 29.5%. The Group’s market
share remained high, at 36%. In Russia, in a market down 0.1%, Group sales were up 2.3%. On the
expanding Algerian market (+14.9%), Group sales grew strongly, by 60.8%, for a market share
increase of more than 5%. Group sales in Morocco were up 4.1%.
In the Asia-Africa Region, Group sales fell 5.3% in a market that rose 3.9% in October. RSM sales
were down 28.6% in South Korea, where the market rose 3.9%. More than 5,200 Logans were
delivered in Iran in October.