Renault introduces us to the Alpine A110 Cup racer image

The Alpine A110 – the revival edition – is making a transition to motorsport, something we’ve always expected from the exotic brand, with the A110 Cup model now out in the open.

The Porsche Cayman competitor has all the credentials needed to start a new one-make series – small but powerful turbo engine, very light chassis and a mid-engine configuration for great maneuverability. The new A110 Cup has been announced for some time as part of the automaker’s new one-make series, and has been developed in partnership with racing team Sigmatch and with experience flowing from Renault Sport Racing. The new “Alpine Europa Cup” kicks off next year with six racing weekends – those interested will pay €100,000 for the A110 Cup and another €20,000 for entrance registrations.

Renault introduces us to the Alpine A110 Cup racer 6

While from the design standpoint it doesn’t look all that different from the standard model, the A110 Cup is naturally even lighter and tips the scales at a mere 1,050 kilograms (2,314 lbs), while the power has been increased from the base 252 hp to 270 hp sourced from the same 1.8-liter turbo. The aluminum body now has welded-in suspension points, subframe and roll cage, Öhlins suspension in the form of 40mm lowered adjustable dampers, as well as Michelin racing tires and Brembo brakes with six-piston/four piston calipers front and back. While the interior has been stripped out, you may keep the air conditioning – and gain a new racing steering wheel with an integrated display and adjustable Sabelt bucket seats that comply with FIA regulations.