Renault invests €28 million in electric test center in France image

Renault, the French carmaker on Tuesday announced the inauguration of an electric test center in Lardy, France, after a €28 million investment.

The center is the cornerstone of the brand’s development of new electric technologies and houses most of the test facilities for electric motors and batteries. Operational since 2009, it has been gradually expanded to cover 3,300 sq. meters and some 100-test benches, the French carmaker said in a statement.

In addition, Renault said the test center is capable to run 15 different tests on the lithium-ion traction batteries, simulating the most extreme conditions (‘abuse’ tests).

The Lardy technical center is located in Essonne, about 50 km south of Paris. Spanning the municipalities of Lardy and Bouray-sur-Juine, the Lardy technical center is nestled in natural surroundings and protects some 100 hectares of forest on the site.

The sealed area now covers 37 ha, of which 9 ha are buildings. This is unlikely to change much once the Powertrain Engineering Centre has been completed in 2009-2010.