Renault is apparently planning Twingo RS after all image

A hot version of the new Twingo generation is under consideration for being put into production.

The similarities between the new Twingo and the new Smart ForTwo / ForFour are no longer a surprise for anyone and considering the fact that spy photographers have caught a hot version of the ForTwo being tested, it is obvious that Renault will offer an RS variant of the new Twingo generation. According to the guys from Autocar, who have spoken to Patrice Ratti, ahead of the Moscow Motor Show, the company is currently considering the introduction of a performance Twingo onto the market.

Don’t be too excited on this news just yet because installing a four-cylinder engine under the hood of the new Twingo isn’t possible without modifying the rear-drive layout of the model so topping the performance of the previous model, 131 HP, is quite a challenge for the company’s engineers. Even so, the final product will definitely be faster than its predecessor but things are uncertain when talking about its power. The hotter version of the Renault Twingo is expected to be introduced by the end of 2015 and deliveries will probably start in a couple of years.