The French based automaker Renault is planning to develop some hybrid cars which should make their way onto the market over the following years.

After developing a few full electric vehicles, Renault is now planning to take a step backwards and develop some hybrid cars, because the gap has been left uncovered by the company. According to the Renault director of powertrain strategy, Marc Bodin, who gave an interview for Les Echos, the carmaker will develop some hybrid cars, which will arrive by 2020.

“We study the gradual introduction of the hybrid in our lines by 2020. And we are working on all available technologies”, said Marc Bodin.

The company’s official was cheap on details but rumors are saying that the first Renault concept car to arrive will be the production version of the Initiale Paris Concept, which is offering a preview for the replacement of the current Espace, planned for 2014. A Dacia hybrid is also a possibility if the Renault hybrid cars get the green lights for production and once the technology would arrive on models made by the Romanian car brand, the costs will be significantly improved and this will be reflected in the final price.

Source: Les Echoes


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