The millionth Kangoo has rolled out of Renault’s Maubeuge facility in France, with Japan as its final destination.

Making its official debut in 1998 and then redesigned in 2007, Renault’s Kangoo light utility vehicle has been produced in 1 million units, the automaker announced. The second-generation model marking this milestone has just rolled out from Renault’s Maubeuge assembly line in France, heading with its Etoile Blue finish to Japan, where 1,679 units were delivered in 2015, accounting for one-third of all Renault sales in the country. Kangoo is apparently a very popular model in Japan, as every year owners gather at the base of Mount Fuji for a special event, where more than 1,000 Kangoos were present for the seventh edition in 2015. To keep the interest and the appeal at high levels in the country, Renault brings each year new colours to the pallete, as well as up to three limited editions.

The Kangoo is available in two versions: a leisure activity vehicle for retail customers and a light commercial one for the brand’s business customers. The LCV comes in a choice of three sizes – the Kangoo Compact, Kangoo Express and Kangoo Maxi – as well as an electric version, the Kangoo Z.E. In 2015, the LCV version accounted for 64 percent of overall Kangoo production. In the same year, 90 percent of all versions build featured diesel engines, 7 percent had petrol engines and 3 percent were electric. The Maubeuge plant also produces the Citan for Renault’s partner, Daimler. The other commercial cars, the Trafic and Master vans, are manufactured in the Group’s Sandouville and Batilly plants respectively.


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