Renault Kadjar RS planned image

An RS version of the recently unveiled Renault Kadjar is currently being considered by the car manufacturer.

Just a day after announcing the official pricing list of the Renault Kadjar in the United Kingdom, the local automotive media is telling us that a hotter range-topping version of the compact crossover might be considered. The model in question will be most likely called the Kadjar RS and this will be coming with some modifications made to the chassis, with a stiffer suspension system, with larger brakes and, probably, with a limited-slip differential, amongst others.

According to the guys from AutoExpress, the new Renault Kadjar RS might make use of the PerfoHub front suspension geometry which is similar to the one used on the Megane 275 R Trophy as this will be helping counteract torque steer. Rumor has it that the 1.6 liter turbocharged engine will be used under its hood as this should produce, probably, in the 250 horsepower range, with the 4-wheel drive system working. The same unit is used on the Juke Nismo and, chances are, this will also be adopted onto a high performance version of the new Nissan Qashqai generation, the so-called Qashqai Nismo, along with the other updates. Last but not least, the Renault Kadjar will be coming with an aggressive body kit, which will improve its aerodynamics and will also help it stand out from the regular versions. Keep in mind that the Kadjar RS is not confirmed at this time.