Renault Kwid arrives in Brazil image

Brazilian automotive media is reportedly announcing the introduction of the new Renault Kwid on its local auto market.

The newest model in Renault’s lineup is called the Kwid and it has been introduced back in May. The vehicle in question is the smallest ever crossover to wear the French based automaker’s badges on its body and it will slot below the current Captur. However, its future on the Old Continent is undecided at the moment because if some reports may be indicating that the vehicle will arrive here, others are telling us that Renault has no plans on offering it in Europe. The Brazilian market is the first one to have received the new Renault Kwid.

The crossover is believed to get a starting price of R$30,000, which is similar to 9,400 USD at the current exchange rated or 8,600 euros. The Kwid is said to be 8 cm longer than the Volkswagen Up!, standing in at 3,68 meters long and 1,58 meters wide and getting safety features like the ABS And airbags in standard. There is also a 7-inch touch screen display available for the A-segment crossover, along with a digital instrument cluster. Under its hood, the vehicle will be getting a 0.8 liter engine, which is believed to produce a total output of 57 HP. A 1-liter unit, with 12 valves, is expected to be introduced later on. Additional details on the new Renault Kwid are limited at this time and will be announced soon.